Heat Load Bank Hire in USA

Data Center Testing? No Problem…

New Data Centers are designed and expected to run continuously and reliably. To ensure that a data center maintains its reliability it is essential that the infrastructure is thoroughly tested prior to production. Testing the infrastructure involves mimicking the characteristics of the IT equipment as closely as possible. The safest and most economic way to test a data center is to use a heat load bank. This provides electrical load and produces a heat load, facilitating testing of the electrical and cooling systems in a controlled environment simultaneously.

L00A7551HeatLoad has worked in conjunction with leading mechanical and electrical consultants to develop a range of products and services that safely and accurately test your data center.

HeatLoad products have been successfully used for the testing of small, medium and mega data centers, ITEC rooms, containerized, modular and prefabricated IT rooms across the globe, in all market sectors. Available on a equipment only hire basis or as part of a fully managed installation, operation and maintenance services.